Fast Play Rules

• Introduction

Each player chooses an Alien force. Then take the 10 cards that make up your force—5 different Alien cards (some doubles) and a shooting disc.

• Setup

Random: Shuffle all cards from all players (except the Shooting Discs) with the 3 Minefields and spread them out face-down to create a galaxy. Cards can’t touch each other, but also can’t be more than 2 cm apart.

Tactical: Place the 3 Minefields in a triangle shape. Then all players place their cards face-down simultaneously. The first to finish takes the tin UFO and becomes first player.

• How to play

Note: A card (or group of cards) can never be separated from the others by more than 2 cm. When a gap opens (usually after a deadly shot) shift the smaller group of cards over to close it up.

  • The player with the tin UFO reveals a card.
  • If it is a Minefield, nothing happens. Flip it back face-down.
  • Otherwise, the owner of the revealed card can trigger its effect, then flip it back face-down.
  • Pass the tin UFO to the player to your left.

To shoot, use your Shooting Disc. Put the pinky finger of your shooting hand on top of your revealed Alien (It must stay on the card until you Disc stops) and throw your Disc. Reveal and eliminate one card covered by the Shooting Disc. If you shoot a Mine, your revealed Alien is eliminated instead.


Each time one of your cards is eliminated, put it face-up in front of you. When your 3rd card is eliminated, turn them face-down and look a card in play. Do it again when you lose your 6th card.

If you lose your 9th card, you are out of the game.

• Winner

The last player with cards in play wins!